Friday, June 13, 2008

Hernia surgery, not fun!

My glass is half-full and the sky is partly sunny! It's all about attitude, isn't it? Yesterday morning I had outpatient, inguinal hernia (near the groin)surgery. It's much more common among men but moving my classroom (the custodians were supposed to do it but they are lazy) and lifting heavy boxes brought me to the Coral Springs Outpatient Surgical Center. I laid in bed all day yesterday and until about 30 mins. ago. (it's 4:00 p.m.)A friend told me to get myself out of bed and into a chair a.s.a.p. After all, I refuse to let this get me down for too long. I admit, I've taken percoset for the past day and ahalf. I am no hero! But, looking back at my two c-sections, I know that getting up a.s.a.p. is the MOST important thing to do for quick recovery.

In addition to being normally "constipated" to some degree, the main side effect of the percoset is constipation. MY LUCK! Aside from putting ground flaxseed in my food and mixing psyliuum husk into juice I NEED SUGGESTIONS! If you have any magical tricks or food combinations that would help please tell me. I'll look forward to some healthy suggestions from our celiac community. Until then, I'll slowly recover and be back on my feet!