Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good news, bad news, any advice???

Happy Sunday! Happy New Year to my blogging friends. So much has happened in the past few weeks. Good news is always the best but unfortunately, I'll need some advice with the bad news.
Good news:
I started walking, 4 days a week, 3 miles. Easy math = 12 miles a week. I turn on my ipod (the ancient kind according to my daughter) and away I go. I don't need any company, don't need to rely on someone to disappoint me and not feel like walking. I just get up and go. No excuses, no stories, just me and the open road!
Good news:
I have begun to lose inches and fit into my size 6 clothes! Yeah, what a difficult daily struggle it has been to eat healthy and stay in shape. Of course, my children would rather me not worry about my size, but in today's society can't you see the pressure to be "thin?" I hate it but it's been so ingrained in my mind it's a hard habit to break. People are noticing and it just gives me more motivation to continue walking.
Bad news: I was having some "groin-like" achiness for a very long time. An ultrasound by the gyn found nothing, a CT scan without contrast found nothing except a possible enlarged spleen and then....a CT scan with contrast confirmed the enlarged spleen AND found the sourse of the "groin-like" achiness. I have, ready for inguinal hernia. It's a hernia in the groin area, most commonly found in men.
I moved my classroom several months ago and heaven forbid the paid custodians help! Oh no, it was me and 4 wonderful parents. I really think that it had to happen then. I lifted enough heavy boxes to give a horse a hernia!

Here's where you come in....I've done research and found no link between celiac disease and enlarged spleens. My bloodwork is normal, (whew!)my liver enzymes are normal, my hematocrit and hemoglobin are low normal (anemic always)and basically, I am symptomless! Every now and again I'll feel very full after eating or have a funny feeling where the spleen lies but other than that....nada, nothing. Has anyone had any experience with an ENLARGED SPLEEN? Is there anyone out there who may have had an ENLARGED SPLEEN and can put my mind at ease? I went to my gastro, who specializes in Celiac Disease. He looked at the Radiologist's report and my bloodwork. He even called a colleague while I was in the room for another opinion. So now, I have 4 opinions...two from my regular dr. and his associate, one from Dr. Bromer, and one from the genious friend of his who is, according to him, an M.D., PHD. genius.

Please, if you have, or know someone who has, please contact me. I know that there is a connection to lymphoma because of the many years that I didn't know that I had celiac. The doctor is pretty confident that with normal bloodwork and no other swollen lymph nodes, I'm safe. I will have my blood checked every four weeks to monitor it. Any pain in my spleen area will be reported to the doctor immediately.

Regarding the hernia, I have an appt. with a surgeon in two weeks to see if we can let sleeping dogs lie, or if I need to repair it. That's the least of my concerns.

I've been cookin' up a storm and loving it. I made Gluten Free Goddesses'(Karina Allrich) Roasted Vegetable Lasagna and it was fabulous. I found a great, easy, low cal recipe on Food Network, Roasted Chicken Caprese. It was easy and ready in an hour. No fuss, no muss recipe. Those of you who do weekly menus have encouraged me to try. I sit at the kitchen table on Sunday and sift through the mounds of recipes I haven't tried. Tonight, we are having lamb kabobs. Can't wait...the lamb is marinating in all sorts of fresh herbs.
Speaking of fresh herbs, I must give Shaun Ahern, Gluten Free Girl a plug! I bought her book and am really enjoying it. She talks about the importance of using fresh herbs. Ya know, she's right. Fresh vs. dried. There is no comparison and I am thoroughly enjoying the book.

It has been a difficult school year for me. The chemistry of my class changes from year to year. Developmentally delayed, autistic, speech-language delayed, and more. Fifteen 3, 4, and 5 yr. olds keep me on my toes. One assistant isn't cutting it. Pray with me that the people who are in power and never in the classroom have some sympathy for me and get me another set of hands. If they only knew what the daily struggles are for my kids they'd think twice about getting me another assistant.

WEll, Sunday is almost over and another work-week is ahead. I wish you all a good week, filled with good news. Take care.....