Saturday, April 26, 2008

High Cholesterol, another something to worry about!

I've been really busy in the past month. Going from one doctor to another, gathering second opinions on everything. Well, not everything! Just a gastroenterologist, hematologist, gynecologist....did I leave someone out?

It's quite ridiculous actually. I blogged about this a while back and the drama continued. I went to the GYN for the pain in my groin...ultrasound....nothing.
General doctor pursued the "pain" through a CT, with and without contrast. Enlarged spleen, enlarged liver....hematologist isn't concerned...let's watch it. Three months later another CT...same results as before with "fatty liver" thrown into the pot. Back to gastro who also isn't terribly liver enzymes are good but he wants me to get some blood tests done again (I'll do that this week)....he said that a liver biopsy would give me a definitive answer. Do I want a definitive answer? No!

So, I went to a workshop for school and the bloodmobile in the parking lot captured my attention. I'd been rejected for blood donations so many times because of the anemia. Ok, I'll try! I told the woman not to be disappointed and that I'd probably not have an acceptable iron level even though my intestines are healed. WHOA! Could ya just? She put my blood into the centrifuge, spinned it, and wow. It's a go!

As instructed I called the automated line a week later for my cholesterol level. 192! Not my level! I've never been over 130! That 192 just adds insult to injury. I watch everything like a hawk so that I stay gluten I can avoid anemia...and now, I need to watch what I eat to help my cholesterol level reduce???

Oh by the way, the "PAIN" that sent me to my GYN in the first place is a hernia and I'll have surgery to repair that on June 17th. Outpatient, local anesthesia, and twilight. Home in 3 hours. Can't wait!

Did I say depression? Yes, after all this and more, I have just had it! They say that after the big "50" it's all good? Did you hear that too? In my rational state I know that I'm healthy and that life is good. I just need to keep reminding myself that the glass is half-full. It's just hard to believe it right now.

Do you have cholesterol issues? Any suggestions to help reduce it? (Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut oats are a part of my morning now.)

I need a hug!