Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Do you feel the same way I do at this time of year? For me, time has flown by so quickly within the past month. My family and I went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving to visit my twin sister. Her mountain home in Maggie Valley is beautiful. Living in South Florida, you can imagine how refreshing the 30 degree weather was, and let's not forget the fireplace.

This week, the weather dropped to 53 degrees in the morning but that's as low as we've seen in ages. Back to this time of year....I've read a lot about the holidays but one topic seems to bother me. Do you say "Happy Holidays," or "Merry Christmas?"
Personally, it doesn't matter much to me. There was a lot of "brouhagh" (did I spell that wrong?) last year about people saying "Merry Christmas." Retailers prohibited their employees from saying the MC phrase. This year, I've heard that some stores have relented, once again, allowing their employees to use the MC phrase.

We know that we are a melting pot AND that many holidays happen to fall during the month of December. On the Jewish calender Hanuka fell at the beginning of the month. We know that Kwaanza doesn't arrive until January. In many places children are preparing for Santa. Teachers are anticipating two weeks off. Regular old "Joes" are excited about having some time off for Christmas and the New Year. For the most part people are in a jolly kind of mood, a happy state of mind.

As for me, I am longing for the two week break to refresh and relax. Teaching Developmentally Delayed preschoolers zaps my energy every day.

Regarding my "ISSUE" with the use of MC and HH, I feel strongly about my faith in Judiasm and am not threatened by the use of those phrases. The statistics that I've read lately quote that 70% of the US population celebrates Christmas. I view this time of year as a happy time, with family and friends celebrating life and appreciating one another. When I was in a store this past weekend and the woman ringing up my purchase said "Merry Christmas" to me I replied, "Same to you." Did it crumble MY faith to say that? Not one bit. It gave me a reason to smile, knowing that she was sharing her holiday joy with me.

For all of you, whatever you celebrate or don't celebrate, may this time of year bring you joy, peace, and family. Happy Everything!