Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MMmmm good, it's good to make Progress, I mean Progresso!

We've been eating home a lot lately. My husband and I decided to start being more financially responsible....there's no place like home. Lately, that is! I've been experimenting and cooking some interesting dishes, thanks to my blog surfing.
I've observed how many of you are resorting to weekly menus. I love the idea and want to start participating. I know that Sea, from Book of Yum has been doing weekly menus for a while as well as Natalie, Gluten Free Mommy. I know there are many more and your names are on the tip of my tongue.

For now, I've made three meals this week that pleased the palates. Monday, I made Coconut Chicken, a recipe borrowed from Mrs. Gluten Free Mommy. The recipe calls for tortilla chips but I substituted gf corn flake crumbs. The chicken was yummy but honestly, the wonderful dipping sauce was the icing on the cake! Orange marmalade, hellman's dijonaisse, dash of curry, chopped fresh ginger...ooh, can you just taste it?

This past Sunday I indulged myself in Macy's home department. The pressure cookers were calling my name and I felt obligated to answer. I know that the Kuhn-rikon is highly recommended but my pocketbook was leaning towrds a more reasonably priced pressure cooker. Linens and Things and Macys sells the Fagor brand. I bought the FAGOR ELITE 6 QT. model. The original price was $90.00, and with the sale ($69.99) AND a $15.00 coupon it came to $55.00. What a deal! One of the web sites I found, Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooking Recipes, recommended the Kuhn first, and the Fagor second.

Anyway, last night I made Chicken Caccitore in 35 minutes. It took longer to prepare the chicken, onions, mushrooms, wine (of course)and more than it did to cook it. After it comes up to pressure it took 9 minutes to cook. Then, I made a Chicken Stock and froze it. (I will scrape off the excess fat when I defrost the chicken stock)

With my new FOODSAVER, we have been purchasing large quantities of food and freezing them in portions. This morning, I took out a 1 lb. 3 oz. package of ground sirloin. When I blog surfed during my break at work I found Going Gluten free's blog. She had a recipe for Turkey Dijon Mushroom Pasta....sounded interesting. If you click on the link, type TURKEY and search her blog you will scroll down and find the recipe. I substituted ground sirloin but I know that the turkey would be a better choice. So, KUDOS go to Going Gluten Free for sharing the recipe. And of course, the Tinkyada pasta is my only choice when using pasta. Just remember to immediately pour cold water over it to stop the cooking.

Have a great Thursday....thanks for sharing your recipes!



Lynn Barry said...

What a big change...yahooey! I remember the first time I learned of Miss was on
Ellen's blog and your sister was reaching out with concern.
***You have embraced your lifestyle with class and grace and I just felt like pointing that out...YEAH FOR FAYE! HUGS***

Ellen said...

Double yeah for Faye!!!! And yum for the casserole!

Faye said...

Thank you Lynn and Ellen. Funny, I seem to have come full circle with my acceptance and yes, I've embraced my gluten free health. I hope that those new to our "club" feel the same warmth and support that I have felt. Thanks for helping me, both of you.

Li & David said...

Oooh, a pressure cooker, I have to get one! Thanks for the tips on brands. I'm looking forward to reading more of your recipes as you experiment with it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Faye,
I do read your blog on a regular basis - just haven't commented because my time is so limited online, that I read fast and take notes and leave! I'm sorry for not speaking up sooner!
Is there anyway to get a "hit counter" on your blog, like on web pages so you can see how many people stop by? I'm sure then you'd find that you're much more popular than you think you are!

I enjoy your writings and your insights - I will continue to stop by to check up on you!

Chris in cold and windy New Jersey!

Faye said...

Thank you Chris. I do have a hit counter already...just love the banter and exchanges of thoughts and ideas....where are you from in N.J.? I was born and lived in Lakewood, N.J. for 23 years!!
P.S. Thanks for responding!!
Happy Holidays!!

sandy winz said...

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