Sunday, November 11, 2007

B and B's in Sonoma Valley??

Good morning...Happy Sunday to one and all....Let's all take the time to remember those who served and are currently serving our country...may they be safe from harm and may they know that we appreciate them.

I am going to Sonoma with my twin sister(fraternal!) next summer and am searching for a B and B that accomodates gf diners. I did find one but am asking for help from the celiac community to find the BEST one!

I went to Napa two summers ago and stayed at a wonderful B and B, but that was before I became a committed gf diner. The owner of the CANDLELIGHT INN, Wendy, did say that she would accomodate me but I am going to Sonoma and want to be closer to that valley. The food at the CANDLELIGHT INN was spectacular, the ambiance wonderful and the close proximity to downtown AND the vineyards was great. It took us approx. 8-10 mins. to get to downtown Napa and 15 mins. to get to the vineyards. If you need some great recommendations for wineries, look no more. We found some that were wonderful!

For now, there's no turning back. I want to live long enough to see my children have children!(and to annoy them!!)Let me know if you can help! (The picture at the top of my blog (in pink outfit) is in the backyard of THE CANDLELIGHT INN)



Carrie said...

HI Faye!
I noticed on Natalie's blog you were interested in a gluten-free cream soup... I have an EASY recipe for a gluten-free homemade cream soup! It's excellent and super easy! I hope you'll try it! It will be perfect for green bean casserole!

It's at the end of the above post!

Enjoy! Happy B&Bing!! I love going on trips like that!!

Faye said...

Thanks Carrie...I appreciate it.
Take care...