Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gluten Free for ME! The Whole Kitchen!

It has been quite a while since I last posted. For a variety of reasons I've cut back on posting and I don't like the way it feels. I hope that my postings are enjoyable and easy to read. It seems like I don't get a lot of feedback via "comments." I want to fix it and would love some feedback, good or bad, from my celiac community.

As for my life, well, last weekend's wedding (Ellen, of glorious. The four sisters were together and it felt so good. There is truly nothing like family! Ellen looked absolutely stunning. My other sisters and I agreed that we don't know when she looked so gorgeous. I love this picture of us. People think that WE are the twins!(I do have a fraternal twin sister, no celiac) She arranged it so that at the rehearsal dinner AND the wedding reception, gluten-free meals were provided for three of us. Just a feel-good weekend in New England!

Regarding my kitchen, it's time to take another plunge. Yep. We are going gluten-free! Not just the small pantry but "the whole shabang." I consulted my husband and he agreed, that it is in my best interest to do this. I researched and found affordable CIRCULON INFINITE cookware at There are 3 bonus pieces that are wonderful also. All totaled, I'll have 15 pieces, including 5-6 lids. I will be tossing out EVERYTHING from the "other" pantry that contains gluten. Let me not exagerate. We're talking about cereals, breads, crackers, flours. There are so many other things in the pantry that pour (and so have not had cross-contact)so I don't mean empty the pantry, just rid it of GLUTEN. I am really excited about it and hopefully, my family will embrace it with me. My daughter in college paused when I told her. She may not be happy but I will be healthy.

Your suggestions on both counts: what part of my kitchen would you toss other than obvious...wooden everything that has had contact with gluten and teflon pans. AND, how can I increase traffic with my blog???
I wish you all well and hope that your Thanksgiving is a bountiful one, flowing with yummy gf food. Take care...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weight watching "gluten free style"

Good Sunday morning! It's been raining here in South Florida for weeks now. Feast or famine...either the grass is brown or an umbrella doesn't even do the trick!

I struggled for months with my new-found weight gain. Yep, for me, being compliant meant gaining unwanted pounds. When I finally faced the music and got on a scale, I discovered that 11 pounds found their way onto my hips, stomach and boobs. Yuck, yuck, yuck....again, my sister Ellen, of I Am Gluten Free, inspired me to investigate the reliable Weight Watchers routine. I decided to go online and register...go at it alone. In three weeks I've lost 3 pounds. For those of you who don't know weight watchers, the slower the better. "Slower to take it off, slower to put it on." That has to be my new mantra because most people would've thrown in the towel at this point. Going online I can record my daily points, look up recipes (adapting gf, of course), and find point values. It's a good tool for me.

So now, we read labels for gluten and point value. Think Thin is a gf bar I've eaten for the past two years. Yummy, but 5 points, so instead of a snack, it becomes my meal. I eat sllloowwly so it lasts. You just cannot imagine how many calories are racked up in gf breads and pasta. Be careful....take my 11 pound weight gain advice. It catches up with you in no time!
I think I am beginning to master the gf, ww routine. Weighing my protein at night has also made a huge difference. 4-5 ounces of chicken is plenty if you add salad and a vegetable.
Here's my favor....please, if you've had success with maintaining your weight eating gf, with or without Weight Watchers please share. Let me know your secrets.