Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Soulful Retreat!

I just returned from spending 5 days with my sister, Ellen ( in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our visit together was truly one full of "sisterly love." People sometimes say that they wouldn't choose members of their family as friends. I disagree! Ellen and I are bound by family first, friendship second. We spent 5 glorious days laughing, cooking, eating, and shopping. (We love T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, etc.)

When I got off the plane we drove to downtown Boston to meet my niece for lunch. We went to Wagamamas, an asian restaurant with a gf menu. There is another one in London as well. I enjoyed a stir-fry rice with tofu dish that was yummy. Kudos for Wagamamas for accomodating us.

We stopped at the market to pick up all sorts of ingredients to cook. I wish we had Trader Joe's in Florida...I've got a bad case of Trader Joe's envy! During my stay we made fresh almond milk, museli, tofu stir fry, french rolls, fresh vegetable juice and more. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables definitely improved my digestion...take my word on that!
My brother-in-law, Peter, filmed us making almond milk and museli for youtube. It's hilarious. Go to and type in Ellen Allard. Ellen said that I had my teacher hat on and was way too conservative. But, we had fun!

I came home Monday evening, restored. Ellen restored my faith in myself. We all need reminders to keep us on track. Like I told her when she was diagnosed, "this isn't a death sentence." Thanks to my gf blogging community I have EMBRACED my celiac. I got "juiced," literally and figuratively. My body and soul received nourishment for 5 days...what a gift.

When I awoke Tuesday morning I went to Tunies (health food market), the asian market, and Whole Foods. I stocked up on some essentials I'd learned about from Ellen. I made my own museli, made hummus from raw chickpeas, and made raisin scones. For dinner I made stir-fried tofu. Ellen's tip: I coated the tofu with cornstarch, giving it a hard outside. I used Agave Syrup to sweeten the dish, another Ellen's tip! The recipe for the scones is from Bob's Red Mill. The dough is VERY sticky so I put the sorghum flour on my hands as I flattened it onto the baking sheet. This morning, I put a piece in the toaster oven, added some Earth Balance, and was in Planet Celiac heaven.
Last night, I went to the Palm Beach Celiac Support Group meeting. Lisa, Gluten Free Vegan, lives close to me and invited me to join. I was so happy to meet her and enjoyed the meeting. Next February, thanks to Lisa's efforts, we are having a vendor fair, the first in Florida. Something to look forward to! I learned that the fundraising efforts of the support group sent 80 children to gf summer camp. WOW! How inspiring! Thank you Lisa, for opening up another door for me.

A soulful retreat...sounds good doesn't it? If you live in South Florida and are interested in a cooking retreat, please let me know. I'd love to share experiences as we cook away the day! As for my sister Ellen, THANK YOU, for inspiring me to fully embrace my Celiac Disease. Thanks for sharing your gf kitchen with me, for laughing till it hurt! You are the best and I love you.


Lisa said...

Faye, it was so nice to meet you last night!!! I'm so glad you came! Last night was incredible with Vanessa Matlin as our guest speaker, oh and your youtube thing was cute!! ;0)

I would LOVE to attend a soulful retreat....why don't we discuss and see what I (and the group) can do to help you?

Lynn Barry said...

AWESOME!!! Bloggers unite! This is wonderful to read. I am so happy for you. HUGS I love the pic!

Faye said...

Thanks Lisa. I'm sure we can get a group of women together (same age group)and celebrate our "Celiacness."