Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Princess Cruises - BRAVO!

Dear All,

I returned back from our family vacation on Sunday morning. We had a fabulous time aboard the Caribbean Princess, cruising to the Eastern Caribbean. Many weeks before we sailed I faxed a script from my doctor, indicating that I needed a gluten free diet. Well, accomodating is an understatement! The first meal, the buffet, scared me at first. I approached a uniformed gentleman and explained my sitation. Within 5 minutes a tall man appeared with a large chef hat. The "Big Kahuna" I called him, went through the line with me, explaining what I could and could not eat. He even had the kitchen prepare some dishes without sauce for me. Whew! I took a deep breath and knew it was going to be okay!

At the first evening meal I told the waitstaff that I was gluten free. They ALL knew exactly what I meant. From that moment on, the head waiter provided the next day's menu for me to choose my meal. Gluten free bread was brought to the table without my asking. Our particular waitress was from Thailand and was delightful. She was excited as she told me what I could have. "Accentuate the positive" was her attitude. I had gf corn muffins for breakfast also. Each and every person working in the eating areas was familiar with "GF" and all that it meant. BRAVO TO PRINCESS CRUISES for making my vacation the best!

Prior to my cruise, I mentioned before that I went to Denver. I am so tired from unpacking so I will download pictures of my gf finds well...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007's been a while!

Hello to all of my gluten-free friends. It has been a very long month since I wrote. A lot has good stuff has taken my daughter had prom, orientation at University of Central Florida, graduation, and my tying up loose ends at my job. I'm off for the summer now and have a full agenda. However, I have truly missed writing and hearing from you all.

I am in Denver, Colorado with my husband. We arrived on Saturday the 9th and have been on the go! We went to Boulder and Estes Park when we arrived. On Sunday, we drove around as well, sightseeing metro Denver. Yesterday and today he was in business meetings so I galavanted (a word my mom used to use)and shopped in fun boutiques. The best part is yet to come....I found Deby's Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe, Beau Jo's, a pizza "joint" that uses Deby's pizza crusts, and an Italian restaurant who uses her stuff as well. When I get home I'll give you the details with pictures! I was like a kid in a candy store as I enjoyed my gluten free food. Ah, Nirvana!

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone...Lisa, I am going to join your support group when I get home from the cruise we are taking next week with the kids. A last hurrah for my daughter before we take her to UCF.

Please come back in a few days to see what goodies I found in the Denver area. For now, be well....