Monday, May 07, 2007

Living like the rich!

Good evening...I hope you all had a great weekend. As for me...I spent the weekend at the Turnberry Isle Resort and Club in Miami. My husband won the trip through business and it wasn't until I got there until I realized how hard he worked to earn it!

Valet parking a must....rooms with 37" plasma tv on the wall, marble baths and showers, tv, phone, and bidet in bathroom! Ice water continuously offered at the pool with ice cold washcloths...oh my, I could go on and on. But...the best part was the reaction I got regarding my dietary needs. The first morning I approached a man with a suit (figured he looked important). We spoke briefly and then, he said, "I'll get the chef." Not just any chef, the Big Kahuna! He had a former employer with Celiac Disease so he was willing to go overboard for me....and he did. I had Whole Foods gluten free rolls at Fridays dinner. At each meal, a chef accompanied me on the buffet to tell me what did and didn't have gluten. Black bean salad, yes, regular salad and dressings, yes, chicken, yes, lobster, yes...I said lobster!, yes. At the beginning of Saturday night's awards dinner I approached another gentleman. I said, "I have spoken to the chef and"..he interrupted me and said, "Yes, the chef prepared you a gluten-free sauce for the filet mignon and salmon. The polenta is fine also." He also brought out four slices of what looked like Whole Foods Sun-dried tomato bread. Dinner was yummy...everyone else got an ice cream dessert. I walked away from our table for a few minutes. When I returned, there was a huge bowl of mango, strawberry, and lemon sherbet with berries! Wow! That certainly was the icing on the cake...I mean sherbet!

The next morning I approached a waiter who knew about my needs as well. He said, "Right, you can't have gluten. Can I make you egg whites?" When I replied, I asked about the gluten free bread from the night before. Five minutes later I had my scrambled egg whites and gluten free toast!

Needless to say, I had a fabulous weekend. I had lots of anxiety about what I would eat..but alas, it melted, thanks to the chef. Having a $400.00 credit to spend as we pleased didn't hurt either. I had an 82.00 pedicure (can you believe?)and my husband had fun in the golf shop. He played golf, I worked on my tan, we ate well, slept well, and enjoyed the weekend without stress.

As for today...back to work...17 days until summer vacation...ahhhh....


Lynn Barry said...

How fabulous for you, Faye...I could not be happier for ya and the way you described it all I felt almost as if I was along...well, almost...HUGS

Lisa said...

How wonderful for you and your hubby to have a relaxing time to reconnect without having to worry about getting glutened! He deserves a big HUG!

Mike Eberhart said...

Certainly sounds like fun.