Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Kissing Hand! by Audrey Penn

As a speech pathologist teaching Developmentally Delayed preschoolers I have to be very creative every day, all day. Routines pave the way for their future learning. We follow the same routine every day. I just change the letter of the alphabet, change the related activites, but the routine stays the same. Today, we finished working on Mr. R. I found a paper bag raccoon puppet pattern, had the kids color the black mask, cut out the eyes and glued it to a popsicle stick. Cute, huh? The routine stays the same. Works for them....for me, keeping things routine doesn't quite work. Yes, we all do daily things at approximately the same time but routine, NOT!

Every day, I take my creative mind, search the internet (mostly gf sites and blogs), and make dinner. I love trying new recipes and re-creating your masterpieces. Tonight, for example, I am going to make the gluten free buttermilk biscuits my sister Ellen made for my brother-in-law's birthday! Nothing routine about my dinners. I believe that's what keeps me compliant. I "change up" my menu every day. As Ellen says, take any cookbook at all, make some magical gf substitutions and VOILA, you have a creative masterpiece.

Back to my job....I searched on the internet for raccoon ideas to relate to the puppets we made. I came to The Kissing Hand, a book by Audrey Penn. I remembered reading the book last year to my class. If you have small children it's a great find! It's about a small raccoon who doesn't want to go to school and leave his mother. She kissed the palm of his hand, touched his hand to his cheek, and told him that the LOVE travels up the arm and to his heart. This way, he'll always have her with him. Enough to make me cry, especially when my mom is no longer with us.

I proceeded to kiss the palms of the children's hands, touch their cheeks, and smile. You should've seem the warmth in their eyes. What a great book to give for a baby shower!

ROUTINE...good for some, necessary for others. For all of us, in the gf world...change is good. Trying new recipes and new ideas is good. Keeps us optimistic. I'm not even sure if today's post makes any sense to you. Just a happy read I guess! Happy that I have all of you to help me get through the day, routine or not!


Ellen said...

I love that book!!! It's one of those books that I bought right off the rack because I had to own it. And that was AFTER my children grew up!

Keep being creative in the kitchen. It is how we can stay happy and healthy. And you're as creative as they come:).

celticjig said...

I just noticed your GF Matzo ball recipe, and it sounds like they would be great dumplings! As Spring is taking it's sweet time in Michigan, I think it might be time for some chicken soup this weekend and will try out those balls. Now I just need to find a source for GF ravioli!


Faye said...

Dear Ginger,

You are right! The matzo balls would make scrumptious dumplings. They were yummy especially if you let them soak in the soup for a while! If you find the gf ravioli recipe please share! I am hoping that Tinkyada makes one soon. All of their other pastas are delicious. BE WELL!

Lynn Barry said...

I think it all makes perfect sense...every day is a new day to be creative to make it the best it can be, whether with relationships (love the kiss the palm concept)or cooking to your health or understanding tough realities...HUGS and LOVE