Monday, April 09, 2007

Don't go STIR CRAZY!

It's late and my pillow is calling me. So is Dancing With the Stars on Tivo...went back to work today, teacher's kids, lots accomplished. Then, went to a mall about 20 mins. from home to handle a return. I took my daughter with me and we shopped...what else is new?

Hungry for food and contemplating the task of explaining myself at the restaurant, my daughter convinced me to try. A restaurant called STIR CRAZY is located in the mall. As the name states, it's like a salad bar with fresh veggies. At the end of the bar are sauces and very, very hot woks (behind a glass). The men behind the glass take your bowl, toss and "stir," add noodles or rice with the sauce of our choice and voila, dinner is served!

Okay so here I go again..."I have a disease that causes me to get sick if I eat certain foods." blah, blah, blah! This time though, I was pleasantly surprised when the waiter, who was so cute and young (oh well), knew exactly what I was talking about. He stated that the chef made up a classic chinese or teriyaki gluten free sauce that he would bring to the end of that "salad bar-like" line when I got there. He must've been watching carefully because as soon as I got to the glass with the cooks he appeared with my gluten free teriyaki sauce. WOW! That's service and oh, was he cute!

With some edamame, brown rice, and a variety of veggies and chicken (unmarinated of course) I was in STIR CRAZY heaven. They are located in six states. I just had to share my find with you! Next time you have a YEN for asian stir fry, don't go STIR CRAZY, just look for one!


Anonymous said...

Stir Crazy is great; your title to this post had me thinking you had a bad experience this (as in, don't go to Stir Crazy). I especially like their stir fries with the wide rice noodles. At my local Stir Crazy, I asked them to use the gf classic Chinese sauce in their famous chicken lettuce cups/wraps, which they hadn't thought of but were happy to create.

Faye said...

Dear Anonymous,

That is a fabulous idea. Other than P.F. Changs, I cannot order lettuce wraps. Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried Stir Crazy's Pad Thai before becoming absolutely gluten free (cheated for years) but now, I'm leary of the ingredients. I wonder if they'd create the Pad Thai for me. One of the local Japanese restaurants said they would make me stir fry if I brought my gf tamari. I think if we start asking, restaurants will be glad to oblige. take care....

Lisa said...

Wow, gotta try them out!