Saturday, March 31, 2007

Passover with a positive twist!

Another Passover comes and I can't eat the matzo, I got some recipes so watch me bake, the Matzo balls will be from potatoes, I just can't wait to start! (sing that to Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody!) Ok..just pacify me. You gotta have humor to get through this, right?

Matzo...the core ingredient in most Passover dishes...matzoballs, matzo kugel, matzo this and matzo that...oy! But wait! STOP! It's not so bad after all. In comes the gluten free, caring, compassionate, and most supporting community anyone could ask for.

I have perused all of the blogs on my link list and found awesome recipes. I see that simple "substitutions" can make a lovely Passover meal. My soup, made from scratch (mom used to buy the soup from the deli, throw in a can or two of chicken broth and some dill and say it was hers - but I knew the truth), will have the gluten free chicken broth added to the stock AND the gf bouillon powder I get at a local health food store. The charoset is my favorite, representing the sweetness the Jews felt..apples, wine, walnuts - all good stuff! My sister Beth, actually wants to read me the recipe she is using for the brisket so I can eat it. Yeah! She gets it! I'll make that deadly flourless chocolate cake I made last week for dessert. The matzo kugel...well, I'll have to experiment today with the home made matzo so I can make a gf matzo kugel! Thanks to Lynn, Free to Eat, I will try the matzo on for size!
I love gefilte fish but will have to do some research to see if it is gf or not.

So there, you have it. It's not so bad now, is it? The reason for the season, as they say, is FREEDOM. The Jewish people were looking for FREEDOM from persecution. We look for FREEDOM too..a different kind, but FREEDOM....FREE from the ill health that comes from ingesting gluten. The Jewish people chose life....and so have I. Join me, whether you celebrate one of the spring holidays or not, celebrate LIFE!
Raise your glasses and celebrate LIFE! Be well, stay healthy...


Ellen said...

Yes, it is about freedom. And how lucky are we that we are free to choose so many wonderful substitutions so that we can eat well and remain healthy! May we remember that we were once enslaved by gluten and are now free! Chag sameach one and all - to freedom for all, everywhere.

Lynn Barry said...

My friend...hello! I am behind on checking blogs...experimenting is the gift we give ourselves, and sometimes we get a good gift and sometimes a not so good gift. LOL
You and your sister and I have got to meet someday. That would be fun. I see something above about the matso I go to see how you made out...HUGS